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Jul 2016

Small Town Living

At least once a week some late night hours are required.  Hubs usually stops by the shop on his way home from work. We walk over to the diner, eat dinner together, and enjoy each other's company before he heads home and I go back to work.

On this particular evening, the atmosphere was a little different.  They were short staffed with only one server and one cook.  You might expect a room full of  grumpy customers but instead people were explaining to new customers coming in that one of the servers was home sick.  People were chatting across tables- even asking ages and finding friends in common.  Others were cleaning up their own spills.  Some were even taking pictures of their mile high sandwiches.  Drinks were refilled and desserts were being taken home.

And as I watch this scene unfold before me, of which I am a participant, I am proud to be a part of this community.  One, where people are doing the best that they can in a less than ideal situation, and others are understanding of that.


May 2014

Top 10 Reasons to Shop Consignment Stores

Shabby Chic


1.  It's interactive.  You can buy here.  You can sell here.

2.  There is lots of variety.  You will find old, new, and in between.

3.  The prices are great and they go even lower as time goes on.

4.  The pieces for sale have a history and stories to tell.

5.  Great place to get decorating ideas.

6.  Merchandise is always changing.   No two visits are the same.

7.  It's eclectic.  Styles run the gamut from contemporary to country to traditional to midcentury modern and more.      

8.  It's cooperative.  The salespeople are working on behalf of consignors who are selling their items.  When a buyer purchases an item - everyone wins.  The consignor gets a check, the shop gets a check, the buyer gets a great item at a great price.

9.  Entrepreneur's Incubator - If you are interested in buying and selling items, it is a great place to learn the trade with minimal risk to you.

10.  It's a great place to find a one of a kind item.


















Mar 2014

Mixing Bowls and the Cake Dome

life and stuff


It's been almost a year since we have been in our "new" home.  The garage is still full of boxes.  I have been missing things like my set of mixing bowls and my extra large cake dome.  A friend tells me that if I haven't used it in a year then I don't need it.  Part of me agrees with her.  But as I root around in boxes looking for things - I realized that this "stuff" represents my life.  The box of 9 X 13 pans?  A 2 year stint making freezer meals for a brave friend who agreed to try my idea for a cooking business.  The box of tablecloths?  The time in my life before sports took over family life and we actually set a table and ate a home cooked dinner every night.  The box of wrapping paper?  From a season when birthday parties seemed to happen every other weekend and the motto was: "the less spent on a gift, the better the wrapping needs to be".

And so, as I search for those mixing bowls and the extra large cake dome, I visit the past and I think about the future.  I may no longer need all those 9 X 13 pans but it won't be too long before these boys of mine will be moving out.  And we may not eat dinner together every night but we still celebrate special events.  As for the wrapping paper?  That is one box that can find a new home in someone else's garage. 


Jan 2014

Overheard at the Shop

Overheard at the Shop:

"Wow!  What a neat looking wooden sculpture!  It looks handmade.  I wonder what it was used for?  A candle? decoration?  You could put a glass top on it and make a little shelf.  You


Jan 2014

Test with Picture and Text

This is Becky Peura, the proprietor of Crossroads-Consignments in Historic Tipp City, Ohio.


Jan 2014

Houzz Experiment

Never know what to type on a blank page . . .



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