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Jul 2016
25 th

Small Town Living

Posted on 2016-07-25 09:04:36

At least once a week some late night hours are required.  Hubs usually stops by the shop on his way home from work. We walk over to the diner, eat dinner together, and enjoy each other's company before he heads home and I go back to work.

On this particular evening, the atmosphere was a little different.  They were short staffed with only one server and one cook.  You might expect a room full of  grumpy customers but instead people were explaining to new customers coming in that one of the servers was home sick.  People were chatting across tables- even asking ages and finding friends in common.  Others were cleaning up their own spills.  Some were even taking pictures of their mile high sandwiches.  Drinks were refilled and desserts were being taken home.

And as I watch this scene unfold before me, of which I am a participant, I am proud to be a part of this community.  One, where people are doing the best that they can in a less than ideal situation, and others are understanding of that.

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